Tetranite Docs

A list of commands and modules you can use and configure.

Bot Commands

Commands for the bot in general

t!helpUsed to test the bots response timet!help <optional:command>
t!pingUsed to test the bots response timet!ping
t!setupUsed to setup the bots various modulest!setup <module>
t!statsUsed to get the information on the bot statst!stats
t!guildsUsed to get the bots guild countt!guilds
t!channelsUsed to get the bots channel countt!channels
t!usersUsed to get the bots user countt!users
t!messagesUsed to get the bots total message countt!messages
t!commandsUsed to get the bots total command countt!commands
t!donateUsed to get the donate link for Tetranitet!donate
t!serverUsed to get the bots official support server invitet!server
t!upvoteUsed to help us get ranked higher by upvoting on DiscordBotst!upvote
t!websiteUsed to get the official websitet!website
t!inviteUsed to get the bots OAuth invite urlt!invite

Music Commands

Commands for the bots music module

t!summonSummon the bot into your current voice channelt!summon
t!disconnectStop playing and disconnect from the voice channelt!disconnect
t!playSearch youtube or use a link to queue a songt!setup <query/youtube link>
t!playingSee the current playing songt!playing
t!queueGet the current queue for the guildt!queue
t!shuffleShuffle the current queuet!shuffle
t!skipSkip the current playing songt!skip
t!volumeSet the current players volumet!volume <volume 1-100>

Moderation Commands

Commands for the bots moderation module

t!giveGive a mentioned user a role (Coming soon)t!give <@mention role>
t!takeTake a mentioned users role (Coming soon)t!take <@mention role>
t!clearClear a specfied amount of messages from the channelt!clear <2-100>
t!banUsed to ban a user that is tagged from the server.t!ban <@mention/id>
t!kickUsed for kicking a tagged user from the server.t!kick <@mention/id>
t!hardkickUsed to hardkick a user that is tagged from the server. Basically kicks a user and deletes all messages within 7 days.t!hardkick <@mention/id>
t!muteMute a user (Adds the specified user to your servers set muted role)t!mute <@mention/id>
t!unmuteUnmute a user (Removes the specified user from your servers set muted role)t!unmute <@mention/id>

Fun Commands

Commands for the bots fun module

t!8ballHave a question and need some assistance with it? Use 8ball!t!8ball <question>
t!coinflipNeed to flip a coin? Use this sick coinflip commandt!coinflip
t!catNeed to see a picture of a cat? They'll always be heret!cat
t!dogNeed to see a picture of a dog? They'll always be heret!dog
t!clapNeed someone to clap for you, I've got you budt!clap

Currency Commands

Commands for the bots currency module

t!balanceGetting your balance for Tetranite's currency systemt!balance
t!flipMake ByteCoins by gambling them with the flip command.t!flip <amount>
t!claimClaim your ByteCoins for upvoting on the discordbots website. (Only usable once)t!claim