Tetranite, Revolutionary Discord Bot

The only bot you should ever need for your Discord server

Some of Tetranite's Features.

Music Features

Tetranite features full music features for playing youtube videos in your server's voice channels.

Docs (Music System)

ByteCoins Currency

Tetranite has a currency system, you can earn ByteCoins and gamble them away, how you earn them that is? More info on the docs below.

Docs (Currency System)

Moderation Features

Tetranite features a ton of moderation tools, like kicking, banning, role assigning and much more.

Docs (Moderation)

Greeting and Farewell Messages

Tetranite has a system for greeting and farewell messages, we also have join role for users and bots to have seperate roles.

Docs (Greeting/Farewell)

Global Bot Statistics

Total Guilds: 320
Total Channels: 8,163
Total Users: 23,682

Commands Run: 29,954
Messages Seen: 20,226,598

Shard Stats

Shard Guilds: S1: 143 /S2: 177
Shard Channels: S1: 3,273 / S2: 4,896
Shard Users: S1: 7,733 / S2: 15,923